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Yes Group networking

three foundational requirements


Collect together a group of likeminded people, where the new campaign idea can be presented, tested and discussed. Peer review if you like. This is all about assessing 

ideas and finding people willing to work with you to turn that good idea into a reality. That is your Yes Group membership.

And this is the ‘Group forum’ on the IndyApp.




A private place, where those who have committed to turning this new idea into a reality can come together to work on their plans. A good idea is just the start of the journey to a practical campaigning reality. Easy and regular communications on that journey are essential.


This private place is an ‘Action Room’ on the IndyApp.





Once in their ‘Action Room’, where practical plans are being made, the new ideas' team are going to need to assess the resources needed to turn their plans into practical campaigning action, and then find those resources...


This is done using ‘Resources’ on the IndyApp. 





So, these three basic steps have been completed. Now the ideas’ team take their fully formed and resourced plan back to their group on the forum and let everyone know: How, Where and When it’s all going to happen. Then, everyone that wants to take part can turn up when needed and get stuck in. 

Every extra addition to the IndyApp toolkit is there to make this basic process of campaign creation as simple as possible, especially when working within the grassroots realities of budget, resources and time. 

        Private messaging

There so that every group member is in easy contact with every other member and campaign collaborator. 


         Video conferencing 

There to give a secure and simple way for members to meet up online (as well as face to face) and get on with campaigning.


         Support Areas

These are just much bigger forums, where members can test their campaigning ideas and find support from other group memberships within a reasonably practical travel radius.


         National Proposals

There so that a group who have had success with a local campaign, can easily share that experience with every other group on the platform, and perhaps turn that good local campaign into a fantastic national campaign, very quickly by creating... 


         A National Action Room

A place where folk from different groups around the country, who like the sound of your group's national proposal, can easily meet up privately to really make it happen nationally. Perhaps, turning a fantastic national proposal into an Indy winning campaign in every community of Scotland.


         National Resources  

Just as 'Our Resources' are voluntarily listed by all those in your own group, ‘National Resources’ are voluntarily listed by anyone on the IndyApp platform with resources they are willing to share nationally, in order to make grassroots campaigning like yours possible.

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