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IndyApp 3.1 Dev

This version is designed for Apple mac computers and laptops.

Install tutorial

Development Version

This MacOS development version does not yet have access to the YES Directory IndyMap, however, YES groups can be searched for and contacted using  IndyGroups. For access to the IndyMap, download Android or iOS versions for mobile devices. IndyMap will be available on the on the MacOS 3.2 production version when released. 


Move file to another folder or desktop,

Double click to unpack file and IndyApp icon will appear.

Drag IndyApp icon to the applications folder.

To run IndyApp for the first time:

Open the applications folder,

‘Right click’ on IndyApp and click ‘Open’,

On the pop up, click ‘Open’ again.

Create a shortcut by dragging IndyApp to you dock.

Install instructions

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