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IndyApp 3.9 RC1

This version will work on PC’s/laptops running Microsoft windows.


N.B. when downloading and installing this software on your PC, any advisory warning can be safely ignored as we have an official signed security certificate for Windows download. However, your PC may still encounter warnings advising you to discard. These can be safely ignored, as this is simply because the software and it’s certificate are new. Trusted status of our security certificate grows with the number of successful IndyApp downloads.

 Download   &


Download the IndyAppinstall.exe, open it, if a pop up warning appears, select ‘more info’ and then select ‘Run anyway’. Select ‘Yes’ to allow software to make changes to your device.


You can now determine where to place your IndyApp, the default is ‘desktop’, then select ‘Extract’. If desired create a shortcut on your taskbar.

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