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Terms & Conditions  

National Yes Registry

The following terms and conditions will apply to all users of any of the component elements of IndyApp. These elements consist of:

  • The IndyApp software

  • The National Yes Registry Website


1. User Agreement: The term 'User' or 'Member' includes any and all signatories of the following terms and conditions.


a)  The name that you provide will be visible and is displayed to other users.


b)  Your email is stored but not shared publicly on the platform. You use it as  means for you to recover your password at login. It may be used occasionally by NYR to contact you with updates about the IndyApp or in the event of the platform going offline.


c)  Your postcode is stored to allow a tailored group search and for Internal IndyApp    messages in your area.


2. All users accept and respect NYR IndyApp privacy statement: Read our Privacy Policy


3. All users agree to conduct themselves on the platform in a respectful and civil manner.


4. Use of the IndyApp software is at the sole risk of the user. National Yes Registry, IndyApp, Jason Baird and cloud-nueve are not liable for any issues that may arise.


5. All self-published user content on the NYR IndyApp platform is the complete responsibility of the individual user.


6. The user is responsible for the legality of all their self-published content, even after you have removed yourself from the platform.


7. Any self-published illegal or defamatory content will be removed as soon as it is reported to group editors, support area admins and/or national admins. If there has been illegal or defamatory content published it will be removed from public view, however we have a legal obligation to retain it for a set period. 


8. Each member group is entirely responsible for the self-published content of their own group’s ‘front door’ and for keeping that public information accurate and up to date.

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