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When you have registered on IndyApp before, but cannot remember your password:

  • Choose Log in and then select ‘Can’t Login’

  • Select ‘Get a temporary Password’

  • Enter the email you previously registered with and press OK. If IndyApp does not recognise this email, you will get an ERROR message. Retry using the email you registered with.

  • Go to that email’s inbox for an email called ‘[IndyApp] Restore Access’ and read the instructions. Check your spam folder if the email is not in your inbox.

  • Copy the temporary Password

  • Return to your IndyApp and select ‘Use a temporary Password’

  • Enter your email and paste your temporary password into the designated fields

  • Create a new password you want to use from now on and repeat it.

  • Select ‘Reset’

  • Now login using your registered email and new password.

If you want to change your email or any other of your details on IndyApp go to settings, user settings and then select what you want to change.

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