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Growing a mass Yes movement

IndyApp provides the lowest participatory threshold for a non-active Yesser to comfortably take their place in a practical grassroots campaign network. Downloading and registering on IndyApp, in itself, creates a National YES Registry of individual YES supporters and provides the grassroots groups the ability to collectively map those supporters in their own communities, in preparation for future recruitment and locally focussed Independence campaigning.

  Five movement building elements of IndyApp
  What they are and how they build on one another 











IndyApp as a National YES Registry (NYR)

Registering on IndyApp is a ‘Declaration of support for Scottish Independence’ and provides each user with their own unique ‘support number’ within the grassroots YES movement.


In this way we find and connect the existing population of YES supporters across Scotland and grow YES as a non-party political mass membership movement.


IndyApp as grassroots 'YES Directory'

This allows all registered supporters of Independence to find, contact and join any local YES group, YES event or YES campaign directly on the platform. Registered groups on IndyApp are autonomous and control their own memberships, create their own profiles and publish their own campaigns and events.

Joining any local YES group on IndyApp automatically upgrades a user from ‘Supporter’ to full ‘Member’ of the grassroots YES movement.



 As internal YES Group communications

IndyApp provides each registered group internal communications between all its members through Group Forums, Action Rooms, Private Messaging and in house Video Conferencing - all encrypted and hosted on secure dedicated servers. 

It is also designed to allow local groups to reach out to inactive Independence supporters in their area once registered on IndyApp. 



As communications between YES Groups

IndyApp automatically connects local group memberships who fall within practical travel distance of one another. These 8 geographical ‘Support Areas’ encourage communication, sharing and physical support between autonomous local groups and their activists.


Support Areas use the same secure IndyApp communication facilities available to the individual groups. 

As a 'Parliament of the YES Groups'

YES groups can make ‘National Proposals’ to all other registered groups on the platform. This allows the movement to find active support for popular proposals made from within the grassroots groups themselves and then easily organise around them.


‘Voting’ on IndyApp is by specifically volunteering your active support, not the 'thumbs up and shared' empty gesture ‘activism’ of corporate social media.



A simple activity to collectively 

grow YES as a mass movement

Activity: encourage the growth of a decentralised grassroots mass membership and stimulate non-party political Yes activity across Scotland by registering all supporters of YES on IndyApp.

IndyApp provides a simple hand held method for active and non-active supporters of Independence to network them-selves into whatever level of involvement they feel most comfortable with. It gives inactive YES supporters a simple way to become active whenever they feel ready, or whenever future social or political events spur them into action.

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