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IndyApp is simply an organisational tool for the grassroots by the grassroots

The National Yes Registry view the autonomous Yes groups as the only community campaign units from which a fully decentralised, but nationally networked

and politically independent, grassroots Yes movement can emerge. 

This conviction comes from our many 'face to face' meetings with Yes Group memberships since 2015, individually in their own communities and collectively at national Gatherings all around Scotland.


A consistent message from each of these group meetings was a locally held ambition to be part of a properly decentralised, grassroots run, Yes movement independent of party politics and factionalism.


IndyApp is the tool that enables each autonomous group to fulfil that shared ambition: to work together as a grassroots movement on the campaigning priorities that matter to them and the people of their communities . 

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Enabling Yes Groups

IndyApp is here to help Yes Groups grow themselves, become more autonomous, more supportive of one another, more capable of sharing  ideas and resources, more adept at working together on indy campaigns that define their interests and the interests of the communities they are rooted in.


Our first NYR tour
of the Yes Groups


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A 5min promo explaining the first of 3 national tours organised to meet the groups in their own communities, plus an overview of how the NYR/ IndyApp developed.


That first 2015 Largs conference was followed by 2 National Gatherings in Stirling 2018/19 and residential Group Training weekend in Perth 2020 just prior to lockdown, where the initial Support Areas were formed  

Local group autonomy is key to the creation of a decentralised grassroots Yes Movement 

Yes groups embody the differences between normal UK party politics and the much more decentralised,  community based campaigning of grassroots Yes.


This very different community approach was developed during IndyRef1 by local campaigners as their counter to the well financed, top down, party political campaign model - with its strict media messaging and centrally controlled 'policy offers'.


The grassroots alternative to this centralised 'one size fits all' approach was, and still is, simple - 

There is no one single 'Indy offer' or centrally scripted campaign message. Instead - local Yes groups curate their own tailored messages, designed to move their own communities toward a Yes vote and Independence for Scotland.


In this YES or NO Indy campaigning context, It becomes the job of every grassroots Yes Supporter to explain to the person standing in front of them the reasons why Indy is a good idea for that person and a good idea for that person's  community.

This is the decentralised community campaigning at the core of Yes grassroots philosophy.

The IndyApp is here to help the Yes groups  turn that grassroots philosophy into an Indy winning campaign reality. 

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Why focus on Yes Groups?

Join the IndyApp Yes Group network and...

'Let a thousand Yes campaigns bloom!’ 

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